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Singapore's new prime minister, Lawrence Wong (left), shakes hands with his predecessor, Lee Hsien Loong, during the swearing-in ceremony at the Istana in Singapore on Wednesday.
May 16, 2024
Singapore’s riches grew under its leader. So did discontent.
On Wednesday, the Southeast Asian country’s third prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, handed the reins to his deputy, the first leadership change in nearly 20 years.
Attendees watch a broadcast of the swearing-in ceremony of Singapore’s Prime Minister Lawrence Wong on Wednesday.
May 16, 2024
Singapore’s PM Wong takes office warning of ‘more violent’ world
Lawrence Wong takes office with rising concerns over the cost of living, strained U.S.-China ties and wars in the Middle East and Ukraine.
Lawrence Wong, Singapore's next prime minister
May 15, 2024
Singapore's next prime minister is guitar-wielding Lawrence Wong
Lawrence Wong, the first leader to have been born after Singapore's independence in 1965, is set to succeed Lee Hsien Loong as prime minister on Wednesday.
Singapore Prime Minister-designate Lawrence Wong at the Group of 20 finance ministers' meeting in Indonesia in 2022
May 14, 2024
Singapore PM-designate Lawrence Wong keeps old guard in reshuffle
Wong picked Trade Minister Gan Kim Yong as his deputy, keeping the Cabinet of outgoing leader Lee Hsien Loong largely intact.
Lawrence Wong will become Singapore's fourth prime minister on Wednesday. He will be tasked with steering the city-state into new territory as its economy slows down and its population ages rapidly.
May 13, 2024
New Singaporean PM faces some economic headwinds
Lawrence Wong will be sworn in as the city-state's fourth prime minister on Wednesday. Despite Singapore's strong economy, new challenges lie ahead.
Lee Hsien Loong might not stray far from politics, having said previously that he will remain at the "new PM’s disposal” after the handover.
Apr 16, 2024
Singapore charts new path after half-century of Lee family rule
Lee Hsien Loong announced that he will step aside next month after 20 years as prime minister and hand the reins over to Lawrence Wong.
The curtain is closing on the Lee dynasty's leadership of Singapore. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced his resignation, which could come next year, and the handing of power to deputy Lawrence Wong.
Nov 10, 2023
Singapore contemplates the end of the Lee political era
Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced his resignation, marking the end of his dynasty's leadership and a new chapter in Singapore's politics.
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong attends an Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit in Jakarta in September.
Nov 5, 2023
Singapore’s prime minister to step aside before next polls
Lee Hsien Loong has been leader for almost two decades and the People’s Action Party has long telegraphed a power transition.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Aug 16, 2022
Singapore’s next prime minister warns U.S. and China may ‘sleepwalk into conflict’
Lawrence Wong said the relationship between the world's biggest economies was on a 'very worrying” trajectory.


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