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Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Sep 6, 2022
Kumamoto turns to trusty mascot Kumamon for post-COVID tourism boost
Authorities are developing bear-themed attractions across the region, betting they will spur an influx of overseas visitors when some of the world's strictest border restrictions ease.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
Dec 20, 2021
Japanese mascot Kumamon teaches hygiene to Indian kids in dance video
Kumamon, the popular black bear-like mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, is being used to teach hygiene to Indian children while dancing to a Hindi song in a video recently released by Japan's aid agency, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Japan Times
Jun 5, 2020
Kumamon makes surprise visit to nursery to encourage hand-washing
Friday's visit marks the first time the mascot has appeared in public since April 1, when it began refraining from participating in events due to the pandemic.
Japan Times
Mar 12, 2020
Coronavirus scuppers Kumamon's 10th birthday party celebrations
Iconic mascot Kumamon, a cuddly black bear-like character that has gained worldwide fame, marked his 10th birthday on Thursday, although celebrations scheduled to be held on the weekend have been postponed in light of the spread of COVID-19.
Japan Times
Feb 28, 2020
Sales of Kumamon-brand goods hit record ¥158 billion in 2019
Products bearing the image of Kumamon, the black bear mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, racked up sales of at least ¥157.9 billion ($1.4 billion) in 2019, the Kumamoto Prefectural Government said Friday.
Japan Times
Dec 14, 2019
Tokyo photo exhibition showcases 1964 Games and key events around that time
A photo exhibition showcasing the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and major domestic and international events around that time, as well as select photos of present-day Japan, will open Sunday in the run-up to next year's games.
Japan Times
LIFE / 2010S: DECADE IN REVIEW,2010s: Decade in review
Nov 7, 2019
Mascots: The secret weapon in Japan's soft power arsenal
What makes a good mascot? It used to be that being cute was enough, but 'yuru-kyara' in the 2010s needed storylines and Instagram followings if they want to make a mark.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jan 20, 2019
Honda to release Kumamon-themed Super Cub motorbike this summer
Honda Motor Co. will release this summer a new version of its iconic Super Cub motorcycle featuring Kumamon, the popular black bear mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture.
Japan Times
Aug 22, 2018
Iconic Japanese mascot Kumamon to become YouTuber
Kumamon, the popular black bear mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, will debut as a YouTuber next month, sharing online its experiences with sports, arts and crafts in multiple languages, the local government said Wednesday.
Japan Times
Jan 23, 2018
Drive to push Kumamon mascot imagery overseas hits snag in Japan over usage fees
Kumamoto's drive to promote its popular black bear mascot Kumamon overseas by allowing foreign companies to use its image rights has been met with complaints from local businesses.
Japan Times
Jan 15, 2018
Kumamoto will allow foreign firms to use mascot Kumamon
Kumamoto Prefecture announces that it will lift a ban that prohibits overseas companies from making and selling products using the official prefectural mascot, Kumamon.
Japan Times
LIFE / Digital / ON: TECH
Dec 17, 2017
Smart ways to communicate
The Babel fish stick
Japan Times
May 6, 2016
Kids rejoice as bear mascot Kumamon makes first appearance since quakes
Some children in the quake-hit town of Mashiki were happy to see Kumamoto Prefecture's popular black bear mascot Kumamon on Thursday after its first public appearance since the deadly April 14 earthquake.
Japan Times
May 4, 2016
Quake-hit Kumamoto to put Kumamon mascot back into action soon
The prefectural government of Kumamoto has decided to allow Kumamon, its hugely popular black bear mascot that has remained unseen in public settings since massive earthquakes jolted the area, to make a comeback on Thursday at the request of fans and the local sightseeing industry, officials said Wednesday.
Japan Times
Apr 19, 2016
Beloved mascot Kumamon's absence since quakes spurs Japan Twitter traffic
Kumamoto mascot Kumamon has been missing in the wake of last week's devastating earthquakes in Kyushu, spurring concern on social media for its safety as well as criticism for the prefectural government's failure to use the furry animal's network to share information.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Mar 28, 2016
Incumbent governor who pushed Kumamon mascot returned for third term
Kumamoto Gov. Ikuo Kabashima, known for his efforts to promote the prefecture through its much-loved black bear mascot Kumamon, was re-elected for a third four-year term Sunday, the local election board said.
JAPAN / Politics
Mar 27, 2016
Incumbent Kumamoto governor wins re-election for third term
Kumamoto Gov. Ikuo Kabashima won re-election for a third four-year term Sunday, defeating two fresh challengers, according to a Kyodo News projection.
Japan Times
Mar 3, 2016
Kumamon product sales top ¥100 billion in 2015 for first time
Sales of products featuring Kumamoto Prefecture's popular Kumamon black bear mascot surpassed ¥100 billion in 2015 for the first time, the prefectural government has said.
Japan Times
Apr 19, 2014
Can a solo career help a mascot stand out?
Several weeks ago Fuji TV's morning news show sent a reporter to the Gunma Prefecture "antenna shop" located across the street from the Kabukiza theater in Tokyo's Ginza district. The store, which sells products made in Gunma, pays ¥64 million a year in rent for the small two-floor space, and an independent auditor had concluded it's too much given the prefecture's shakey finances. Though the story reflected negatively on the shop, the manager was happy to talk about it, since it was free air time and, as the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity, but just to play it safe during his interview he was accompanied by the silent, smiling figure of Gunma-chan, the prefecture's official yurukyara, or costume mascot — a squat, bipedal horse.
Mar 7, 2014
Barely-a-bear Kumamon could be the next faker to shock Japan
Japan's "deaf composer," Mamoru Samuragochi, has turned out to be an imposter. Wow, who's next? Well, I'll tell you.


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