National Sep 26, 2013

Niigata governor gives Tepco green light on reactor inspections

Niigata Gov. Hirohiko Izumida said Thursday that he basically approves of Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s plan to request government safety tests for two idled reactors at the world's largest nuclear power plant, paving the way to restarting them. Izumida's assent allows the beleaguered utility ask ...

Museum honoring Japan scholar Keene to open doors

National Sep 21, 2013

Museum honoring Japan scholar Keene to open doors

A new museum built in honor of Donald Keene, a prominent U.S.-born scholar of Japanese literature, was opened to reporters Friday in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture, prior to its public unveiling Saturday. At a news conference at the Donald Keene Center Kashiwazaki, Keene, 91, said: "I ...

National Jan 24, 2013

Faults may void Tepco's Niigata plant

Some of the faults running under the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa atomic plant, the world's biggest nuclear power complex, could be considered active under the new regulator's safety standards.