Japan's new supercomputer Fugaku to begin operations around 2021

Business / Tech May 23, 2019

Japan's new supercomputer Fugaku to begin operations around 2021

Japan's new supercomputer Fugaku is set to begin operations around 2021 with the country aiming to regain the title of building the world's fastest computer, replacing its current supercomputer K, government-backed research institute Riken said Thursday. The Fugaku, a nickname for Mount Fuji, aims to ...

Fujitsu finishes designing Japan's Post-K supercomputer

Business / Corporate Apr 15, 2019

Fujitsu finishes designing Japan's Post-K supercomputer

Fujitsu Ltd., working with national research institute Riken, has finished designing the successor to the K supercomputer. Fujitsu and Riken have also concluded an official agreement on the production, shipment and installation of the Post-K supercomputer, the company said Monday. The team and the Ministry of ...

K supercomputer racing to match expectations

Business / Tech Nov 12, 2013

K supercomputer racing to match expectations

The K supercomputer in Kobe has been kept busy since it went into full-scale operation in September last year, reflecting the high expectations of its advanced simulation capacity. More than 100 projects using the supercomputer are currently under way. While K is preferentially assigned to ...

National Jun 4, 2013

Supercomputer used to simulate disaster evacuations

by Minoru Matsutani

University of Tokyo researchers have used the K supercomputer to develop a simulation for mass evacuations in case of tsunami. The simulation will help when designing buildings and roads to achieve smooth navigation for a massive number of people moving in the same direction, said ...

National / Science & Health May 10, 2013

Japan's next supercomputer to be 100 times faster than K

The science ministry has embarked on a quest to develop a next-generation supercomputer by 2020 that will be 100 times faster than K, Japan's fastest supercomputer, ministry officials said. The Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry will seek funding to design the new machine ...

National Nov 14, 2012

K supercomputer drops to No. 3

A supercomputer developed by the Riken research institute has slipped to third place globally in computing speed, according to a biannual ranking announced Monday by the U.S.-European TOP500 project. The supercomputer, nicknamed K and jointly developed with Fujitsu Ltd. at the Riken Advanced Institute for ...

Business Jun 26, 2012

Fujitsu developing new supercomputer to succeed K

Fujitsu Ltd. President Masami Yamamoto said Monday the company is developing a new supercomputer to succeed K, the supercomputer it built with state-backed major research institute Riken, now that a U.S. machine has stolen its computing speed crown. Yamamoto told a shareholders' meeting in Yokohama ...

National Nov 20, 2011

'K' group wins supercomputer prize

A team of researchers has won the top prize in the field of supercomputer research based on results it obtained using Japan's "K" supercomputer, the world's fastest computer. A group of researchers from the government-backed Riken institute, Tsukuba University, the University of Tokyo and Fujitsu ...