World Jun 10, 2019

Far-right rally in Germany's Chemnitz after knife attack

Tensions rose again Sunday in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, which last year saw days of xenophobic mob violence, after a local far-right group protested against a Muslim community festival. Dozens of far-right protesters staged a rally, a day after an altercation in which ...

World May 12, 2019

Germany considers 'mosque tax' to replace foreign funding

Support is growing in Germany for a "mosque tax" to make Islamic institutions less dependent on potentially anti-democratic or "radical" foreign funding sources, a media report said Sunday. The federal government sees it as "a possible path," according to an answer to a parliamentary query, ...

Sudan army rulers want to retain Sharia as legal guide

World / Crime & Legal May 8, 2019

Sudan army rulers want to retain Sharia as legal guide

Sudan's army rulers Tuesday said Islamic law should remain as the guiding principle in a new civilian structure, after protest leaders handed in proposed changes they want enforced but kept silent on Sharia. The 10-member military council was handed the proposals last week for the ...