Japanese to study unions at U.N. body

National Jun 10, 2014

Japanese to study unions at U.N. body

by Keiko Kimura

A 34-year-old Japanese woman has been tasked with studying cooperative unions' medical care and welfare businesses in Asian countries, through a position at the International Labor Organization. "I think connections with people can produce some great power," said Satoko Horiuch, an official with the Japanese ...

76% of students graduating in March have jobs

Business Jan 21, 2014

76% of students graduating in March have jobs

More than three-quarters of university students graduating this March have a job lined up for April, up for the third straight year, according to a government survey released Tuesday. The percentage as of Dec. 1 was 76.6 percent, up 1.6 percentage points from a year ...

Reader Mail Nov 15, 2009

Christian principles abandoned

Democratic Party of Japan secretary general Ichiro Ozawa's comments about Christianity are based on a common impression of those who neither know nor understand the essence of Christianity. The West is "stuck in a dead end" precisely because it does not live according to ...

Reader Mail Feb 5, 2009

High road to physical fitness

Regarding the Jan. 27 Hotline to Nagatacho article " 'Marathon' ritual must change": While I understand the author's intent in asking for change, I must respectfully disagree with him on the "need" for things like his son's "marathon" to be discontinued. I myself was ...