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A bloody demonic outbreak strikes Japan in “Visitors: Complete Edition.”
Feb 22, 2024
‘Visitors’ revels in all its gory glory with deadpan humor
Kenichi Ugana’s extended version of his brilliant splatter short is endearingly shaggy — and messy.
Two lovers on the run (Misa Wada, left, and Takahiro Fukuya) wrestle with poverty and a monstrous mutant appendage in Taichiro Natsume’s “The Beast Hand.”
Jan 25, 2024
‘The Beast Hand’: Splatter movie has more soul than guts
Misa Wada proves a standout in Taichiro Natsume’s surprisingly soulful low-budget horror flick.
A nursing student (Kotone Furukawa, right) is terrified by the bizarre goings-on in her hometown in “Best Wishes to All.”
Jan 18, 2024
‘Best Wishes to All’: Home is where the horror is
Yuta Shimotsu’s first feature about a small town gone mad delivers shocking frights but its message fails to surprise.
After losing her eyesight in a car accident, a woman goes to the home of an eye doctor and his son to receive a miracle device to restore her sight in “My Mother’s Eyes.”
Nov 23, 2023
‘My Mother’s Eyes’: Psychodrama pushes to mad extremes
Takeshi Kushida’s atmospheric horror film about toxic parent-child relationships unfolds in a fantasy world that strains credulity.
Meiji University professor and cinema expert Lindsay Nelson writes about 
J-horror (Japanese horror) in her book, “Circulating Fear.”
Oct 28, 2023
‘Horror has always been a vehicle to talk about social problems’
A J-horror expert gives her take on the essence of the genre and the cultural roots of its creative choices.
The classic Japanese ghost story often features a vengeful female ghost.
PODCAST / deep dive
Oct 12, 2023
[Rebroadcast] Japan’s got ghosts
This week we discuss a few horror movies before “Uncanny Japan” podcast host Thersa Matsuura tells a classic Japanese ghost story.
A TV director (Kanna Hashimoto, left) is haunted by the dead wife of an old office crush (Daiki Shigeoka) in “The Forbidden Play.”
Sep 21, 2023
‘The Forbidden Play’: J-horror mishmash offers satisfying scares
Horror legend Hideo Nakata's latest flick is a halfway return to form, in part due to actor First Summer Uika's chilling turn as a vengeful wraith.
A couple with a young daughter move into their dream house but soon realize there is something sinister afoot in “Home Sweet Home.”
Sep 2, 2023
‘Home Sweet Home’: Horror house is light on frights
While the main cast delivers strong performances, Takumi Saitoh’s film about a dream home with spooky secrets offers chills rather than true terror.
A deceased schoolgirl lures members of pop group Generations into her world with a killer earworm in “Sana.”
Aug 10, 2023
‘Sana’: Boy band horror flick is largely fan service
Takashi Shimizu’s film about a deadly ditty infecting members of J-pop group Generations offers generic scares with real-life concert footage.
Japan Times
Feb 23, 2023
Math rock act Jyocho provides a cheerfully chilling soundtrack to new Junji Ito series
The quartet brings its unique blend of frenzy and sweetness to horror artist Junji Ito"s new macabre Netflix series.
Japan Times
Oct 20, 2022
‘The Ring’ at 20: Millennial horror that’s still infecting movies today
The film that kicked off the Westu2019s J-horror fascination was made in the shadow of 9/11. Its influence can be seen in u201cSmile,u201d u201cIt Followsu201d and more.
Japan Times
Oct 13, 2022
‘Sadako DX’: J-horror icon goes viral
Japanu2019s favorite long-haired spook gets tech savvy in a Hisashi Kimura film that takes on horror cliches with meta commentary and comedy.
Japan Times
Oct 29, 2021
Scary Japanese stories to read in the dark
The hook on the car door, Bloody Mary, there are plenty of urban legends in the West that will provide frights on Halloween. Japan has its share of scares, too.
Japan Times
Oct 28, 2021
Yukiro Dravarious: ‘Before, drag queens were feared. Now, we’re celebrated!’
The TV show u201cRuPaulu2019s Drag Raceu201d has led to a boom in the popularity of drag that even extends to scenes that focus on both gore and glamour.
Japan Times
Sep 30, 2021
‘Yellow Dragon's Village’: Scrappy indie delivers a weekend to die for
Yugo Sakamotou2019s latest feature is an action-packed horror flick about a trip to the mountains gone horribly wrong thanks to some creepy locals.
Japan Times
Feb 3, 2021
‘Suicide Forest Village’: Little box of horrors goes over the top
Takashi Shimizuu2019s latest horror offering about two sisters tormented by a deadly box presents the urban legends of Aokigahara, the titular forest, as fact.
Japan Times
Oct 21, 2020
10 days of J-horror: From funny frights to shock and gore
Halloween is only 10 days away, so hereu2019s a list of J-horror films to watch each day to settle into the spooky season.
Japan Times
Aug 27, 2020
‘Stigmatized Properties’: The otherworldly entities are spooky but unconvincing
Hideo Nakatau2019s latest film is based on the real-life experiences of a comic who has made a career of living in apartments where terrible things have occurred.
Japan Times
Oct 2, 2019
'The Forest of Love': Netflix feature lets Sono be Sono
Sion Sono's return to filmmaking sees him blend all of his hallmarks into one gore-drenched epic
Japan Times
CULTURE / Entertainment news
Jul 11, 2019
Viral Momo Challenge hoax, based on sculpture by Japanese artist, being turned into Hollywood horror film
Momo, the goggle-eyed creature created by a Japanese artist that triggered a viral social-media hoax terrifying children and parents alike, is receiving a Hollywood makeover.


Hideo Shimoju points to a possible site that his fellow neighbors may relocate to. Such relocations have happened before, but not preemptively.
In disaster-prone Japan, some communities consider major moves