Asia Pacific Mar 26, 2020

Dutch state must pay damages for colonial killings in Indonesia

The Dutch state must pay compensation to relatives of 11 men executed by colonial troops during Indonesia's independence war in the late 1940s, judges ruled Wednesday. The Hague District Court ordered the state to pay damages ranging from €10,000 ($10,800) to €123 to eight widows ...

Scientist honored as Vermeer aficionado

National Jul 17, 2014

Scientist honored as Vermeer aficionado

by Yasushi Funatsu

A Japanese molecular biologist with a love of the works of 17th century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer has been recognized by the museum that houses one of his most renowned paintings. The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in The Hague, home to Vermeer's masterpiece "Girl with ...

Editorials Mar 27, 2014

Aiming for a Tokyo-Seoul summit

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Park Geun-hye need to follow up their first formal meeting this week — held on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit — with a face-to-face meeting that doesn't require the intermediation of U.S. President Barack ...

National Apr 5, 2013

Diet opens debate on Hague Convention bills

by Ayako Mie

Amid mounting international pressure on Japan to rectify cross-border parental abductions of offspring, the House of Representatives on Thursday started deliberating bills related to joining the Hague Convention. Signing the accord was one of the pledges Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made to U.S. President Barack ...