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A screen shot shows the large-scale language model developed using the Fugaku supercomputer.
May 11, 2024
Japan team uses Fugaku supercomputer to develop language model for AI
The large language model unveiled Friday is expected to lead to research on generative AI tailored to domestic needs.
The Fugaku supercomputer at Riken Center for Computational Science in Kobe in June 2020. Many companies leverage its simulation capabilities to streamline processes, saving labor on experiments and calculations crucial for the development of large products.
Feb 5, 2024
Fugaku supercomputer tops predecessor in corporate usage
While Fugaku has primarily garnered attention for academic applications it has also proved instrumental in product development.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Mar 9, 2021
Japan's Fugaku supercomputer goes fully live to aid COVID-19 research
The computer, which can perform over 442 quadrillion computations per second, was originally scheduled to start operating fully in the fiscal year from April.
Japan Times
Jan 7, 2021
Japan's Fugaku supercomputer is tackling some of the world's biggest problems
The world's fastest supercomputer, Fugaku is tasked with challenges such as modeling climate change and helping to manage carbon emissions.
Japan Times
Nov 17, 2020
Japan's Fugaku keeps position as fastest supercomputer
Fugaku performed over 442 quadrillion computations per second, around three times faster than the Summit system developed by the U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Oct 14, 2020
Supercomputer-developed face shields may offer lifeline for Japan's restaurant industry
Using the Fugaku supercomputer, the world's fastest, a consortium of Japanese researchers has developed a wrap-around face shield that can more effectively block airborne droplets and reduce exposure to the coronavirus for diners at pubs and restaurants.
Japan Times
Jun 23, 2020
Need for speed: Fugaku, Japan's new supercomputer, ranked fastest in world
The supercomputer, named Fugaku after Mount Fuji, also took the top spot in three other categories that measured performance.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Aug 16, 2019
Japan pulls plug on K, once the world's fastest supercomputer, after seven-year run
Engineers were set to pull the plug on Japan's K supercomputer on Friday after seven years of service, during which time it made contributions to research in many fields, including typhoon and torrential rain forecasts and drug development.
Japan Times
May 23, 2019
Japan's new supercomputer Fugaku to begin operations around 2021
Japan's new supercomputer Fugaku is set to begin operations around 2021 with the country aiming to regain the title of building the world's fastest computer, replacing its current supercomputer K, government-backed research institute Riken said Thursday.


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