Almost 900,000 new recruits mark first day at work

Apr 3, 2017

Almost 900,000 new recruits mark first day at work

An estimated 890,000 new recruits at companies, public offices and other organizations marked their first day at work on Monday, the first business day of the new fiscal year. Job availability for graduates has continued to improve over the past several years, with 90.6 percent ...

Japan Inc. giving workers disability training

/ May 31, 2016

Japan Inc. giving workers disability training

A growing number of companies are requiring their employees to learn how to interact with the elderly and people with disabilities. In many cases, the skill set is being added to staff training programs. Many companies are requiring workers to obtain a certificate, in part ...

/ Apr 18, 2016

Firms affected by Kyushu earthquakes

Below is a list of key companies affected by the Kyushu earthquakes and the status of their facilities as reported by Reuters and other media. Sony Corp. halted production of image sensors at its plant in Kumamoto. It is inspecting the plant and does not ...

Jan 11, 2016

After China stock turmoil, U.S. could be next bearer of bad news

Tumult in China triggered the worst opening week for U.S. stocks in history, and this week investors could get plenty more to worry about. Profits are expected to drop at U.S. companies. Again. Earnings for companies in the Standard and Poor's 500 index are forecast to drop ...