Shogi showdown pits 'god' against 'genius'

National Feb 15, 2018

Shogi showdown pits 'god' against 'genius'

by May Masangkay

The match of the century. The battle between a "god" and a "genius." The faceoff between the undisputed champion of shogi and his touted successor. The hype surrounding Saturday's match of the Japanese version of chess pits shogi legend Yoshiharu Habu against the nation's youngest ...

People Jan 7, 2007

Shogi: basics of the game

by Raju Thakrar

The board used in shogi is a grid of nine squares by nine squares. Each player starts with 20 wedge-shaped pieces, called koma, on which the name of the piece is inscribed in kanji (Chinese characters). The names and number of the pieces, in ascending ...