World Apr 21, 2019

Jihadis kill more than 60 regime fighters across Syria over 48 hours

Jihadis have killed more than 60 Syrian regime fighters in 48 hours, a monitor said Saturday, in some of the deadliest attacks on pro-Damascus forces in recent weeks. Kurdish-led forces in March announced the defeat of the Islamic State group's "caliphate" in eastern Syria, but ...

World Apr 13, 2019

Syria's air defenses intercept Israeli missiles near city of Hama

Israeli planes targeted a military position near the province of Hama in Syria on Saturday, but Syrian air defences intercepted and downed some of the rockets, Syrian state television said on Saturday. Citing military sources, SANA news agency and Syrian state television said that Israeli ...

Russia's military parades hardware seized in Syria

World Feb 28, 2019

Russia's military parades hardware seized in Syria

A train packed with war trophies from Syria including a tank and carriages of weapons arrived to loud fanfare at a southern Russian city on Wednesday, part of a nationwide tour organized by the military to whip up patriotic sentiment. The tour, launched in Moscow ...