Barefoot Gen


Barefoot Gen

by Kris Kosaka

With the recent announcement by North Korean authorities that they had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, Keiji Nakazawa's classic anti-nuclear manga, "Barefoot Gen," once again deserves a full reading — both for newcomers or for those revisiting its brilliance. ...

National Aug 26, 2013

Matsue drops request to curb student access to A-bomb manga

The Matsue education board decided Monday to retract its request to limit student access to the comic book "Hadashi no Gen" ("Barefoot Gen") amid reports that sales of manga are soaring. The board in the capital of Shimane Prefecture, had urged municipal elementary and junior ...

National Aug 23, 2013

Board's request to restrict 'Barefoot Gen' assailed

The Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, board of education is bent on covering up negative aspects of Japan's wartime history, as evidenced by its decision to have local elementary and junior high schools curb student access to the longtime iconic anti-war manga "Hadashi no Gen" ("Barefoot ...

Don't curb 'Barefoot Gen': Matsue principals

National Aug 22, 2013

Don't curb 'Barefoot Gen': Matsue principals

After the Matsue board of education caused a stir last week by restricting student access to an iconic manga about the 1945 U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima and other wartime cruelties, it said Thursday that 44 of 49 school principals polled in the city ...

National Aug 18, 2013

Matsue restricts student access to 'Barefoot Gen' A-bomb manga

Claiming it contains too many violent images, the education board of Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, has asked all its public elementary and junior high schools to limit pupils' access to "Hadashi no Gen" ("Barefoot Gen"), the manga series by the late Keiji Nakazawa that depicts ...

'Barefoot Gen' marks 40th birthday

National Jul 25, 2013

'Barefoot Gen' marks 40th birthday

by Ayako Suga

"Hadashi no Gen" ("Barefoot Gen"), a manga series by the late Keiji Nakazawa, marks the 40th anniversary of its publication this year, reminding both child and adult readers alike of the horrors of nuclear warfare. The series started in the June 4, 1973, edition of ...

Reader Mail Apr 2, 2009

Ingrained cultural divide at work

Regarding Debito Arudou's March 24 article: We live in a world of instant media distribution. The Japanese culture to a large extent is fueled by the exportation of film and print that stereotypes some cultures as bad while portraying others as superior. Back ...