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Sakana AI, prospected to become the fastest-ever Japanese company to achieve unicorn status, aims to create energy-efficient AI models that tackle long-term national-level issues.
Jun 24, 2024
What a Japanese AI unicorn can teach Silicon Valley
Sakana AI, prospected to become the fastest-ever Japanese company to achieve unicorn status, is taking a long-term approach to the development of AI for good.
AI-powered disinformation campaigns particularly during elections can create varied and nuanced content, making detection more challenging.
May 7, 2024
If AI wrecks democracy, we may never know
AI-powered disinformation campaigns can create varied and nuanced content, making detection more challenging.
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose company launched a pair of smart glasses, on stage at the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, in September.
Dec 22, 2023
Do you want Meta snooping in your closet with AI wearables?
AI wearable devices represent yet another intrusion into our privacy, allowing tech companies to learn even more about who we are — and what we might buy.
Left: A man protesting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games clashes with police on Aug. 8, 2021. Right: An AI-generated version of the photo to the left is included to show the difference between real and fake images in news reporting.
Mar 11, 2024
Stranger than fiction: How AI threatens photojournalism
AI images will increasingly replace photos of real events in news reporting, posing an existential threat to photojournalism's accuracy and integrity.
An event for female coders in New York in 2013. Women’s full participation is key to ensure technologies like AI help bridge the gender gap.
Mar 7, 2024
Now is our chance to govern AI for women’s empowerment
The pace of AI development may seem relentless, but there's still time to create safeguards to ensure that innovation doesn't perpetuate gender inequality.
The World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai in 2020
Sep 21, 2023
Human success means evolving with AI, not shunning it
Most future jobs will be hybrid, powered by human and artificial intelligence. The challenge lies in striking the right balance.
As artificial intelligence grows more sophisticated, transparency has taken a back seat and could harm its quality and safety.
Jul 30, 2023
Secretive chatbot developers are making a big mistake
Before we can ponder existential threats of the new technology, Silicon Valley must be forced to disclose more about how their tools are created.
A lonely woman (Ayaka Nakagochi, left) develops romantic feelings for her personal care humanoid (Kosei Kudo) in “12 Months of Kai.”
Jul 20, 2023
‘12 Months of Kai’: When Prince Charming is too perfect to be real
Mutsuki Kameyama’s sci-fi romance about a woman who falls in love with a handsome humanoid delves into the difficulties of “unconventional” relationships.
Japan Times
Sep 8, 2022
AI panned my screenplay. Can it crack Hollywood?
Artificial intelligence hopes to bring science to picking movie winners in a business long run by gut instinct.
Japan Times
Jul 26, 2022
Implementation, not innovation, is the key to economic success
Innovation has been the main driver of long-term economic growth since the Industrial Revolution. But in today's day and age, diffusion of new technologies separates winners from losers.
Japan Times
Jun 29, 2022
AI’s next big thing is ‘fake’ data
Strange as it may sound, the growth of fake data is a step in the right direction, and not just because it avoids using people's personal data.
Japan Times
LIFE / Digital
Jan 13, 2022
Can the 'uncanny valley' help us in a future 'metaverse'?
The phenomenon of creepiness that comes with certain humanoid creations could work to defend us against the negative possibilities of a virtual world, scientists say.
Japan Times
LIFE / Digital
Aug 5, 2021
How Japan has tapped into the history of innovation at the Olympics
From electric vehicles to 5G wireless technology, Japanese technology is being showcased to the world at the Games.
Japan Times
Apr 1, 2021
Building a democratic high-tech alliance
Russian President Vladimir Putin is absolutely right: “Whoever becomes the leader in this (artificial intelligence) sphere will become the ruler of the world.”
Japan Times
Dec 16, 2020
Should we let algorithms make life-and-death decisions?
Nature does not optimize; it co-evolves. It performs much better than human society in terms of sustainability and circular supply networks.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink
Jul 8, 2020
Remote-controlled robots to join FamilyMart’s workforce this summer
Created by Tokyo-based robotics firm Telexistence, FamilyMart workers will be able to control the robots from afar to help stock shelves.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink
Jul 7, 2020
Sushi meets AI: Japanese inventor's app scopes out choice tuna cuts
Grading software promises to make life easier for buyers of tuna worldwide.
Japan Times
Dec 3, 2019
Why worry about automation?
Historical evidence shows that labor-replacing technological innovation does not lead to long-term changes in employment and unemployment rates in industrial countries.
Japan Times
Aug 6, 2019
Japan lags in AI use and internet literacy
The speed of change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is extremely high, and Japan is falling behind.
Japan Times
Jun 8, 2019
Yummy Sake Collective: A new pairing of blind tasting and AI tech
Yummy Sake Collective has a solution for people who struggle to identify what sake they like: An AI-powered app, used in conjunction with a blind tasting, to help determine flavor preferences.


Tokashiki Beach acts as a sanctuary for sea turtles and offers ideal snorkeling waters. It was also the site of the U.S. Army’s preliminary invasion that led to the 1945 Battle of Okinawa, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 150,000 people.
On Okinawa's Tokashiki Island, life's a beach — one of the best in the world