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Storage tanks holding treated radioactive water on the grounds of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings' Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant
Aug 18, 2023
Hackers attack Japan nuclear websites over Fukushima water plan
The Japan Atomic Energy Agency said its website saw about 100 times more than its usual traffic.
Japan Times
May 9, 2023
Justice Ministry website down amid Anonymous criticism of immigration policy
Users were unable to access the website for about 50 minutes from 11 p.m. on Monday. Then, after the website was brought back online, it went offline again from 2:30 a.m.
Japan Times
Jun 2, 2019
Coming to Japan to escape alcohol is risky, but help is available
When Casey 'dropped dead' on his kitchen floor, he realized he hit rock bottom. Luckily, he got the support he needed to get his drinking problem under control.
May 26, 2017
Deceased donor leaves ¥40 million, property in Osaka to 3/11 orphans
An anonymous person has willed roughly ¥40 million in savings and about ¥17 million in property to Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures on the condition the funds be used to support those orphaned by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
Feb 10, 2016
Anonymous hackers harpoon Japanese websites in whaling protest
Three websites stop working as hackers claiming affiliation with the collective Anonymous step up attacks in protest of whale hunting.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jan 28, 2016
Anonymous claims cyberattacks targeting MPD, airport websites
Police say someone purporting to be a member of the international hacker group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on the Metropolitan Police Department's website late Wednesday.
Dec 10, 2015
Anonymous hacker takes credit for shutting down prime minister’s website
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's official website may have come under cyberattack by the group Anonymous, according to Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Oct 17, 2015
Anonymous cited in Web outages at two Japan airports
A tweet purporting to be from Anonymous, a diffuse international collective of online hacker activists, warned of cyberattacks on the websites of two major airports earlier this month, police sources said Saturday. A day later, the web pages of Narita and Chubu airports were struck down.
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Jun 18, 2015
Cyberattack takes down Canada government websites; Anonymous claims credit
Several Canadian government websites and servers were taken down in a cyberattack on Wednesday, the government said, with the hacking group Anonymous taking responsibility in what it said was retaliation for a new anti-terrorism law passed by Canada's lawmakers.
Japan Times
Oct 11, 2014
Anonymous threatens China, Hong Kong authorities with website blackouts
Anonymous, the nebulous online activist group that uses hacking to further causes it supports, has threatened a major blackout of Chinese and Hong Kong government websites, and to leak tens of thousands of government email address details.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
Aug 30, 2014
Dealing with addiction: Japan's drinking problem
We admit we are powerless over alcohol and we need help to break the habit.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
May 24, 2014
Ball and chain: gambling's darker side
With lawmakers debating whether to legalize gambling in time for the 2020 Olympics, we look at the other side of the coin — addiction
Japan Times
Aug 31, 2013
Fascinating glimpse into world of hacking
It is perhaps a little hard to remember now, but in 2010, there seemed to be a new global superpower. A superpower that acted in unorthodox ways, which was unaccountable and yet of the people, and that was above all nameless, faceless and, as it styled itself, Anonymous.
Jun 2, 2013
Hacker group Anonymous warns Japan on whaling
In a message posted on YouTube, the hacker group Anonymous orders Tokyo to stop hunting whales and urges Japanese not to 'follow the idiotic belief of your government.'


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