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Japan Times
Aug 24, 2021
Are you ready for sentient Disney robots?
The Magic Kingdom knows the nostalgia of herky-jerky animatronics wonu2019t cut it with todayu2019s children.
Japan Times
Jun 14, 2019
'Naruto' ninja-themed area to open at amusement park at base of Mount Fuji
The operator of the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park at the foot of Mount Fuji will open a new area themed on the smash-hit "Naruto" ninja anime series on July 26, giving visitors a chance to explore the character's world in the shadow of Japan's highest peak.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Apr 3, 2018
Tokyo Disney theme parks log first rise in attendance in three years
Oriental Land Co. said its Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea theme parks saw a 0.3 percent rise in attendance in fiscal 2017, up for the first time in three years.
Japan Times
Dec 17, 2016
Theme park rapped for embedding fish in skating rink to close in 2017
An amusement park in Fukuoka Prefecture that sparked a flood of criticism for inserting thousands of frozen fish into its ice skating rink said Friday it will close next year.
Japan Times
Nov 27, 2016
Fishy bid to lure more skaters prompts Kitakyushu rink to cut bait
A barrage of online criticism prompted the an amusement park in Kitakyushu to close a skating rink Sunday where about 5,000 dead fish had been frozen into the ice — a design the operator originally believed would lure more skaters to visit.
Japan Times
Aug 14, 2014
Chinese authorities fine Fuji-Q copyright violator
A local Chinese authority in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, has punished the operator of a spooky house for copyright violations involving Japanese amusement park Fuji-Q Highland in Yamanashi Prefecture, NHK reported Thursday.
Japan Times
May 3, 2014
Avoiding the crowds during Golden Week
Let's be sensible: During Golden Week, why on earth would any sane person choose to drive to a destination on the expressway only to spend a good part of their holiday ensnared in a 35-km-long traffic jam? Doing their part to ease the congestion, domestic magazines are offering some imaginative alternatives to let readers enjoy a well-deserved break from work while avoiding the crowds.


Hideo Shimoju points to a possible site that his fellow neighbors may relocate to. Such relocations have happened before, but not preemptively.
In disaster-prone Japan, some communities consider major moves