Editorials Oct 10, 2019

A Nobel Prize for a revolutionary technology

The awarding of the Nobel Prize in chemistry to Akira Yoshino provides us with an opportunity to see whether Japanese firms and universities are investing enough resources in innovative research that has the potential to radically change our lives for the better.

Business Feb 19, 2014

Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino win 'engineering's Nobel'

The U.S. National Academy of Engineering presented four engineers, including two Japanese, with its highest honor for developing lithium-ion batteries, the technology used to power cellphones and other portable electronics. Asahi Kasei Corp. fellow Akira Yoshino, 66, and Yoshio Nishi, 72, a former Sony Corp. ...

Russia honors Japanese lithium-ion scientist Akira Yoshino

National Jun 23, 2013

Russia honors Japanese lithium-ion scientist Akira Yoshino

Scientist Akira Yoshino has been awarded this year's Global Energy Prize by Russia for his development of the lithium-ion battery technology widely used in mobile phones and electric vehicles. The award, which some call Russia's Nobel Prize, was presented to the 65-year-old fellow at Asahi ...