Some baseball fans carry a glove to a game hoping to catch a ball. Andy Brown is a little bit different.

Brown doesn't go to games in search of foul balls. He carries some paint, a few brushes and other supplies. What he hopes to catch is the batter swinging for the fences and the pitcher delivering high heat. He wants to capture the vendors, the flag on the pole blowing in the wind and the fan in the outfield blowing into his trumpet. He wants to paint what he sees on and around the field, capturing the experience through brushstroke and color.

"I'm trying to get the characteristic of that stadium or that person, but in my own way," Brown told The Japan Times. "I feel like color is a way I do that a lot, and the brush strokes and the way that I'm handling the paint. I feel like it all comes down to atmosphere. It's not picture-perfect. It's not a photograph, but I don't want it to be a photograph. I want to have more of an intense feeling to it, of an atmosphere to it. So people can get an emotional reaction to the work."