LOS ANGELES — Thought it brilliant strategy for LeBrontosaurus to indicate to the Cleveland Plain Dealer he’ll weigh signing an extension with the Cavaliers this summer. Fact or fiction, it stops the reporters from crowding him with inane questions regarding free agency two summers away . . . when the Knicks, Nets, Pistons and other teams will be waiting in the weeds to offer him as much as legally possible . . . and more. The guy knows the (media) game.

The good news regarding six head coaches being fired before Christmas is it still gives those teams plenty of time to ax the interims. Minny Ha Ha has become such an outhouse outpost (12 straight losses) rising free agents are refusing to sign side deals with owner Glen Taylor.

Kevin McHale must have his heart set on getting the guy fired who was responsible for trading O.J. Mayo for Kevin Love. Speaking (ill) of the demoted Wolverine, how on earth can McHale explain giving a guy who will not be boxed out on the offensive boards seven stinkin’ minutes vs. Houston?

Mid-inning relievers Bill Blair and Luke Witte are warming up in the bullpen.

Flip Saunders already was speculated as a leading candidate to coach the 76ers next season. However, I’m hearing the T-Wolves are considering redeploying him on their sidelines.

This just in: Minnesota has been renamed The Land of 10,000 Losses?

As for the 10-17 Raptors, the only way I see Bryan Colangelo salvaging the season is to replace Jay Triano with Isiah Thomas or Butch Carter.

No truth whatsoever to Yahoo’s Shawn Marion-Wally Szczerbiak/Anderson Varejao trade exclusive; Goggle LeBrontosaurus’ quotes regarding how happy the superstar is with his complementary planets.

Of course, Stephon Marbury isn’t going to buy his Knicks freedom by giving up so much as a Lincoln of his millions. He needs the full $20.8 million to feed Latrell Sprewell’s family.

“Why would he give up any money?” Chris Rock protested before last week’s Knicks-Lakers game at Staples. “You ever been married? You think your wife would understand you allowing your boss to subtract a million dollars or more from your paycheck?”

“Stephon needs to get every dollar he’s owed ’cause after this the most he’s gonna get is a one-year deal for the (veteran’s) minimum. After all the bleep he’s done ain’t no team gonna give him more than that.”

Hopefully this impasse is resolved soon so Marbury can go about signing with the Mavericks and Donnie Walsh can trade Tim Thomas for Keith Van Horn.

By the way, whatever happened to the fine Marbury was supposed to pay for having bailed on the team last season in Phoenix? Will it be added to the bill, along with late fees?

* * * * *

If you’re hot to trot, Chris Paul will get you your shot. Some music, maestro. Last night was more of the same succulent stuff — nine assists accompanied by 34 points, EIGHT steals and just one turnover in 36 minutes of winning time against the Kings.

It’s under investigation how Paul allowed Tyson Chandler to outrebound him, 8-4, and David West to accumulated more blocks, 2-0.

How many players can say they’ve bested Rajon Rondo (15 assists vs. Bulls Friday) lately? Other than Paul, of course.

Yes, Rondo got schooled by CP3, because he tried to play LIKE him, not against him. But you had to love Sam Cassell giving him teaching points when he squatted.

Incidentally, isn’t it high time the Boston papers devoted some serious space to Celtics assistant coach Clifford Ray? What he has accomplished in greatly improving Kendrick Perkins (top 10 center?), Leon Powe and Big Baby is masterful.

* * * * *

Almost a year later, hotel people out here are still bad-mouthing Mike Bibby for insisting on ordering everything not on the menu for his party of hangers-on (“I want fried chicken just the way my mother makes it. . .”) and then trying to sign Ron Artest’s name and room to a $330 bill. Precluded from doing so by the waiter, Bibby stiffed the waiter with a sneer, leaving no gratuity.

This obnoxious behavior occurred a couple days before the Kings traded him to the Hawks.

Think the Suns could’ve used Marion or Raja Bell to cover Brandon Roy (52 points) in a Dec. 18 loss at Portland? Phoenix forced six turnovers, the same number committed by Steve Nash, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Nash bounced back strong in the final three minutes (2-for-8 field goals until then) against the Nuggets, downing three springers, two of ’em treys, in Chauncey Billups’ face.

Denver is going nowhere worthwhile in the playoffs if it insists on overusing (38 minutes) Billups.

Yes, Mr. Big Shot accumulated 18 points, eight rebounds and seven assists (rest of the team AMASSED eight) but he also committed seven turnovers. Apparently George Karl wasn’t paying attention the last three years when Billups’ legs went dead in the later rounds.

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