Hokutoriki stunned Asashoryu on Friday at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament by handing the Mongolian grand champion his first loss in 36 bouts.

News photoHokutoriki shoves out yokozuna Asashoryu on Friday, the sixty day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Fighting in the final bout at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan, top maegashira Hokutoriki improved to 6-0 when he got his right hand on Asashoryu’s neck and drove him out over the ridge.

Asashoryu, who won the Spring tourney with a perfect 15-0 record, notched his 35th straight victory on Thursday but couldn’t keep his winning streak going against a determined Hokutoriki.

Asashoryu dropped to 5-1 and relinquished the lead to Hokutoriki and No. 13 maegashira Kinkaiyama, who shoved out 10th-ranked Toki to improve to 6-0.

Asashoryu was gunning to become the first wrestler in over half a century to post 45 wins with three straight Emperor’s Cup victories but Hokutoriki made sure it won’t happen.

In other major bouts, ozeki Musoyama had little time for Takamisakari’s pre-bout face-slapping, salt-throwing routine.

Musoyama, who lost on Thursday, barreled into the chest of No. 4 maegashira Takamisakari and drove him out in a matter of seconds to improve to 3-3. Takamisakari was handed his fourth loss.

Ozeki Chiyotaikai continued his downward spiral when he was bundled out by Kakizoe in a matter of seconds to suffer his third straight loss.

No. 2 maegashira Kakizoe improved to 3-3, while Chiyotaikai, who has been unable to deploy his powerful arm thrusts, fell to 3-3.

Ozeki Kaio bounced back from Thursday’s loss to Kakizoe when he got a right-hand grip on Dejima’s belt and hoisted the No. 3 maegashira over the ridge to improve to 4-2. Dejima dropped to 1-5.

Wakanosato improved to 5-1 with a hard-fought win over Miyabiyama.

After a crushing blow at the face off, sekiwake Wakanosato got both arms around Miyabiyama and heaved him over the straw ridge. Komusubi Miyabiyama dropped to an unflattering 1-5.

Komusubi Kotomitsuki got a hold of Kyokutenho’s belt shortly after the face off, spun the sekiwake wrestler around and shoved him out to improve to 3-3.

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