Ozeki Chiyotaikai slapped Mongolian sekiwake Asashoryu out of the ring in the final of the “kachinuki” or single-elimination sumo tournament Sunday and won the 3 million yen first prize for his first title in the tourney.

Chiyotaikai, who was 11-4 in last month’s grand sumo tournament, muscled out komusubi Tochinonada in the semifinals of the makuuchi-division tourney at Ryogoku Kokugikan before winning in the slap and thrust final with Asashoryu.

Asashoryu, who lost to yokozuna Musashimaru in the quarterfinals of Saturday’s tournament, turned the tables on the burly Samoa-born grand champion with a belt throw that toppled the winner of the last two 15-day grand sumo tourneys.

Hayateumi won the title in the second-tier juryo-division tournament. Yokozuna Takanohana, who has missed all six of the grand sumo tournaments this past year, performed the “dohyo-iri” ring-purification ritual for a second straight day but sat out the competition. Ozeki Kaio, who injured his left arm during a bout Saturday, sat out the second day of wrestling.

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