Takazawa 180

Review excerpt: The most pleasurable place to eat at Ginza Six is in the rooftop garden — with a superior take-out lunch box bought from Takazawa 180.

Akomeya Chubo

Review excerpt: At midday, Akomeya Chubo functions as a lunch counter serving set meals; in the afternoon, it becomes a quiet oasis for relaxing over tea and confections; and when the day gets dark, it transforms again into a comfortable dinner spot where you ...

Esquisse Cinq

Review excerpt: The core of the menu at Esquisse Cinq is his “Grand Dessert” selection. Every day there is a choice pancakes, macarons, souffles and more.


Review excerpt: Argile is perfect for long, leisurely lunches. There are two options for diners to splurge on: five courses (¥7,000) or three (¥5,000, with no meat dish or pre-dessert).