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The only specialty restaurant for shellfish in Tokyo’s massive Tsukiji fish market, Kakigoya offers a variety of the freshest ocean delights, including oysters, scallops, clams, as well as shrimp that are all delivered directly from the fish market.
The restaurant offers oysters cooked in a unique way called gan-gan yaki (steamed with sake in a can). The cooking method leaves the oysters very juicy and with a fresh, rich taste.

Customers can enjoy a seafood party with friends and families over wine or ice-cold beer. Recommendations include a three shellfish set (¥2,680), the gan-gan yaki (¥1,800 for 10 oysters), fresh Japanese oysters (¥680) and grilled giant scallops (¥480). Prices exclude tax.

For dinner, both the food and drink menus are expanded to give customers more opportunities to enjoy delicious seafood and drinks. Kakigoya has English-speaking staff and an English menu