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Bashamichi Taproom


Review excerpt: Barbecue — like ramen, pizza and, indeed, craft beer — is one of those things that a lot of people hold very close to their hearts and have very pronounced opinions on. It's either right or it ain't. Here in Bashamichi, it's definitely done right.

Not convinced? We were dubious at first too, so we started with the Sampler Plate (¥700). It comprised a chunk of chicken on the bone, complete with a nice glaze; a few cuts of tender pork; and a couple of slices of beef brisket, perfectly tender and still with a pink hue to the meat.

We were certainly impressed, but hardly satisfied. As a nibble to go with a pint it was fine, but it left us wanting more. We could have gone back and ordered the Combo Platter (¥1,200; the same three meats but in larger portions). But there was plenty more to discover — such as the ribs (¥700).

They’re wonderful. The glaze is rich, shiny, almost caramelized, and the meat underneath has a lovely smoked quality, with a great chewy texture that makes you want to gnaw all the way down, leaving the bone bare.

By this point we were believers.

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