The Aug. 24 article “Over 2 million used Japan's Go To Travel subsidy campaign in first month” proved to me that Japan’s leaders are only concerned about making the economy better. When the government announced the Go To Travel campaign to support the tourism industry, the pandemic was still at its peak. Also, even though the cases are steadily increasing, the government plans to continue the campaign. So, why would the government continue to push the campaign?

On the surface, it looks like the government is purely trying to help the tourism industry that has become the victim of the pandemic; without tourists, the industry cannot make a profit. If the industry does not profit, workers will get fired to prevent bankruptcy. But the government does not have any intention to help the industry and workers in reality. Instead, the leaders prioritize improving the economy rather than the tourism industry and protecting the citizens. It explains why the government would promote such a campaign despite the pandemic steadily taking over Japan. Although their decision shows how they prioritize the economy over well-being, maybe we have to accept the fact that it cannot be helped because most leaders never lived the normal lifestyle we have (especially Prime Minister Abe). Also, the leaders can promote and put the campaign into action because they know they will receive the best medical treatment. In the end, a pandemic like the one we are facing now might be a way to show the true nature and value of the leaders.

Hana Miyaji

Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

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