Regarding the July 9 article “Abe aides worry over damage to LDP from Kawais’ indictment,” Prime Minister Abe’s camp seems only interested in his image and thus betray their disinterest in the substance and purpose of democratic government. They concern themselves solely with damage controlling their figurehead’s reputation as it may threaten the Liberal Democratic Party’s decades-old stranglehold on controlling and rerouting Japan’s finances into their own or their associates’ ill-gotten coffers.

When Abe ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne of the Diet where he has reigned with self-decreed absolute divine power for longer than some emperors, he dazzled the Japanese public with his thin veneer of sincerity. Yet If we look back to the start of this era, his most irksome proclamations have included the assertion that he and only he was righteous enough to lead, something he recently reminded us of when he said in public that it must be the truth if he had said it!

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