Over the past few months, Tokyo has been overwhelmed by a never-ending media frenzy over COVID-19. How long should people stay home? Will there be a vaccine? When and how should business activities be reopened? This pandemic has made Japan out of touch with the rest of the world and only focused on irrelevant or trivial matters.

A typical example is “Who is better for Japan, Trump or Biden?” As early as in mid-March, I answered this question live on the radio. Biden may listen to his advisers more seriously, while Tokyo is already accustomed to Trump. Nonetheless, no matter who is the president, it has been always difficult for Japan to deal with the United States.

Newsweek Japan recently published a similar article titled, “Trump vs. Biden: Who is more likely to wage a war?” The author wrote, “Despite his flamboyancy, Trump is more restrained and non-interventional, while Biden may not be so.” What an irrelevant comment on such a trivial question.