Regarding the story “Trump pledges to help bring abductees home” in the May 28 edition, the North Korean government’s abducting of Japanese citizens four decades ago was wrong.

That was clearly wrong, just as the U.S. government’s abducting Central American children today is clearly wrong; U.S. soldiers prostituting sex-trafficked Filipinas was/is clearly wrong; and taking away the freedom of an abducted Australian journalist for speaking the truth would clearly be wrong.

As U.S. President Donald Trump said, the Japanese families “suffered the unthinkable heartbreak of having their loved ones abducted by North Korea.” Decades of suffering in that way is unimaginable. As an American, I hope that people, especially Americans, will see through the hypocrisy and double standard, however, when they hear “our president” making such statements, especially in light of the millions of Koreans who were separated from their families as a result of the Korean War that we caused.

Let us finally end the war and bring back Megumi Yokota, or at least find out what became of her. And just as good people in the “Land of the Free” once abolished slavery, let’s abolish human trafficking, end our abuse of asylum seekers, protect free speech and help free all abductees.


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