Regarding the article “Scammers asking for cash after handing out Japanese flags” in the April 30 newspaper: Why is this a scam? In fact, it’s not a scam.

The people are selling flags for ¥500 and telling people why, or if you prefer, asking for a donation. How is that different from poor students who bake cookies and sell them for ¥500, saying “Please buy our cookies because we are poor students”? If the flag sellers said, “Sale of these flags has been approved by the emperor, the flags have been blessed by the head priest of Meiji Shrine, and the proceeds will benefit starving children in Africa,” that would be a scam. But just to sell something because you want money (this is known as capitalism) is not a scam. No one has to buy the flags (or cookies or whatever). These people are not scammers or con artists, they are entrepreneurs.


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