On Nov. 30, George Herbert Walker Bush passed away at the age of 94. As in the case of U.S. Sen. John McCain three months ago, U.S. mainstream media carried, over the weekend, numerous special articles or programs to pay tribute to the 41st U.S. president as if they miss those good old days in American politics.

I watched CNN all day long. Many former advisers and Cabinet secretaries of the Bush administration made appearances. Former Gen. Colin Powell talked about the Gulf War. James Baker, the secretary of state, John Snunu, the chief of staff and Condoleezza Rice told unknown stories, warmly remembering the life of their former boss.

When I was posted in Washington as first secretary at the Japanese Embassy's political section in 1991, Bush was in the White House. Although his popularity was declining, everybody loved the president and respected him. Press conferences were tense but never hostile. No correspondents were as belligerent as they are now.