Supporters of Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court who painted him as a woebegone victim in the Senate confirmation hearings were playing Trumpian aggrievement politics of the lamest kind. Kavanaugh is a hapless victim the same way Donald Trump is a nuanced intellectual.

Nobody should be whining about “unfair” treatment in the partisan, very public job interview of this cosseted, surly white male whose private high school had its own golf course. Crybaby-Rich-Kid-in-Chief Trump and A-list professional sycophant Sen. Lindsey Graham’s comically exasperated proclamations that the accusations against Kavanaugh “ruined his life” are beyond ludicrous.

Kavanaugh’s a big, entitled boy and he’ll be fine after one of his servants dutifully licks his wounds. Alas, with his victory in the Senate’s blame-game center ring, Kavanaugh will continue to be invited to the usual cliquey cocktail parties to hobnob with the usual power brokers who run the government within the usual teak walls and between the usual sips of the usual finest cognac.

He will walk along the usual finest marble floors, live in the usual palatial home in the usual prestigious enclave, sleep on the usual finest linens, dress in the usual purest wools and feast up the usual exotic delicacies. He will send his kids to the usual most prestigious schools, get them into the usual daddy-connected firms and set them on the usual path to hold the usual most enviable positions in the usual elite society.

Between juggling the tortures above, maybe Kavanaugh can grab a beer or 10 with Senate-ignored Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland to commiserate about how it stings to be treated as undeserving and under privileged — this single time in his whole mollycoddled, blue-blood existence.


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