Regarding the story “Riga alarmed as Russian missile tests force partial closing of Baltic Sea and airspace” on April 5, given that aggressive behavior that NATO has exhibited against Russia since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, I’m not certain what is so “hard to comprehend” as we witness Russian reactions to decades of these provocative Western-led anti-Russian actions.

Despite promises not to do so, NATO has absorbed new members, and has engaged in “defensive” tests and other war “games,” including the construction of a missile shield right on Russia’s borders. NATO encouraged Georgia to fight Russia, and illegally and viciously bombed Russia’s historic ally Serbia in 1999 to steal Kosovo and create Camp Bondsteel there to someday act against Russia southern flank. Russia even sought to join the organization but was turned down.

So why is there any “surprise” that Russia feels threatened and as a result is reacting accordingly to prepare herself for war? The problem is that our leaders just don’t realize that no one will win World War III. We will all horribly lose and will fight World War IV with sticks and stones.


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