These days, I often hear news about gropers, as well as false accusations of molestation. It is a big issue for both of men and women.

If a woman is molested on a train, it would be hard for her to speak up and get help from other people, because it takes so much courage. She might also suffer stress and mental issues because of it. On the other hand, if a man was falsely accused of molesting a woman on the train, he would be in for a rough time. It is very difficult for him to prove he didn’t molest the accuser. According to the data from the police, most of the time a man who is accused will be arrested.

There are some measures men could use to avoid getting into a situation on the train. First, hold on to a strap with both hands. Secondly, be careful when standing near women. Don’t stand too close, if possible.

However, what should you do if you are falsely accused of molestation? Some lawyers say you should run away because of the high conviction rate and the difficulty of proving your innocence.

Conversely, there are some lawyers who say you should just follow the woman and station attendant to the police box, and claim that you are innocent. For me, the latter makes more sense, but if you can’t prove you are innocence, you might have to break the law and run.

What should a man do in such a situation? This is a very difficult question.


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