Regarding the story “No apology for A-bombings, Kishida says” in the April 25 edition, U.S. President Barack Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and he’s certainly not the “peace advocate” to be making sweet sounding speeches in Hiroshima. His “peace” record since 2009 has been deplorable.

Since Aug. 15, 1945, the theme in Hiroshima has been all about peace and an end to all nuclear weapons. Obama’s political self differs greatly from his plastic peace overtures. Folks in Europe are very disillusioned with Obama and his empty anti-nuke rhetoric. Like most of us, he falls far short of his ideals, but unlike you and me he’s supposed to be a world leader, someone we can trust. Obama is a paper pacifist — his pacifism is all talk and grandstanding. The ominous global proliferation of nuclear weapons will never end. If anything, a great many more countries will be joining this exclusive A-Bomb Club by 2050.

If you listen carefully you can hear that Doomsday Clock going tick-tock, tick-tock; let’s hope it never stops ticking, never reaches midnight. If it does, the sun will never rise again on mankind’s so-called civilization. Obama should stay away from Peace Memorial Park. My advice to him would be, tour the A-Bomb museum by all means but keep your thoughts to yourself. You’ve never lived up to your anti-nuke rhetoric, why should anyone listen to you now?


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