Regarding the story “Security laws usher in new era for pacifist Japan” in the March 30 edition, March 29, 2016, will go down in history as the day that one man sent a nation to war.

By selfishly binning the Nobel-worthy peace Constitution, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has opened a Pandora’s Box of danger and despair.

A gullible and forgetful public, hoodwinked by state control of media and education, has just succumbed to the Abe clan’s century old visions of war glory.

The gory part of the glory is bequeathed to future generations who will no doubt be conscripted and bullied into fighting suicidally like their pre-1946 ancestors.

Fukushima will look like a grain of dust next to the mountains of destruction that “Darth Abe” has just conjured up from the Dark Side of humanity.

Weren’t the atrocities of two world wars not enough to teach him anything?

Apparently not.

In a world where Islamic State, Donald Trump and North Korea are just itching to slam down the first nail that juts up, revising the peace-abiding Constitution of a country that only 70 years ago helped tear the world asunder is not a faux pas, but an open hunting invitation on all the innocent Japanese who stumble innocently into harm’s way.


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