Regarding the editorial “Labor woes of student workers” in the Dec. 4 edition, I felt so sad to read that “students are given excessive workload and duties — sometimes at pay below legal minimum wage — at their part-time jobs and are unable to attend classes or are failing exams because they can’t find the time to study.”

It is an undeniable fact that most students working part time do so because they have “to cover tuition and living expenses.” But the students are learning how to earn money, what society is like, how to communicate with their boss and co-workers, and many other things! Part-time jobs are their living social studies. They will never forget their part-time job, not only because of the financial gain but because the experience itself is full of things which make them think and grow.

Students are not “low-cost part-time workers.” Employers should regard their student part-time workers like their children or students. Nobody can deny that they will make the future of Japan. How about giving them encouragement and a certain amount of bonus in addition to their ordinary pay, with the heart of a parent or educator?

This kind of mindset on the part of the employers would contribute to ensuring that the students will be responsible members of our future society.


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