More must be done to balance women’s lives

As a woman, I am worried about my future. The issue over mothers juggling work life and homemaking remains an unresolved issue.

In addition to low rates of job acceptance after giving birth, many children are wait-listed just to get into a kindergarten, which is such a burden for working mothers. The problem escalates if you are a single mother, as financial capability decreases in spite of additional responsibilities.

It has been reported that one in three married couples get divorced in Japan today, and women tend to be the ones who take care of the children by themselves — so why is Japanese society still reluctant about creating a “women-friendly” environment?

This problem goes hand in hand with the aging of society. Some articles and surveys taken of women have shown that if the workplace environment became friendlier toward mothers, and the child care institutions further improved, women would be more likely to give birth to more children.

If the government and society of Japan decide to tackle this issue, I believe that the women of the next generation will be able to comfortably give birth, and also not have to give up their job for their children.

Not only this, but by providing a friendlier environment for women, I believe that more women will be motivated to give birth to children, further contributing to easing the problem of the graying of Japan’s society.


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  • Laurent Hériveaux

    Completely agreed, but…
    this is a long long process. As a French living a salariman life in Japan since 20 years, I can say that what strikes me most here is the usual lack of sense of responsibility for home affairs by men, I mean as “common sense” of daily life…
    It starts with the absence of “time” sensitivity. Nobody cares if it is 18h or 22h in the evening, even those with kids and working wife, who cares ? I see all my colleagues spending hours doing non-productive work, or better go drinking outside several times a week… is it a caricature, you may say… well not really in 2015, 99% of my male colleagues still behave like this… how their wife can handle home matter, stressful job and be still be a good mother (not to say a loving spouse) ? Again, who cares ?
    As a business man, I tend to mistrust colleagues who have no sense of time. Time is money. Effeciency in job like moral and ethics is more important than “pseudo-gambaru” attitude to work while treating familly as a commodity…