The expression “what a bummer!” hit me the other day when I got ripped off for ¥11,700. Since I left school, I’ve been one of the knuckleheads unable to pass the 60-percent grade threshold, sitting every summer for the tour-interpreter test. The once-a-year fee has jumped about 40 percent from last year!

Why is it so exorbitant? Monopoly in action: pure and simple. There used to be an “interpreter exam” several years ago, but the poor organization went belly up the moment a government ministry started exhibiting nomenclature — “interpreter” — jettisoning the used-until-then “tour guide.”

It costs a lot of dough to feed ex-bureaucrats in “independent” agencies. South Korean people have a better word for those parachute-jumpers, namely bureaucratic mafia. Don’t be misled by salary alone: Their retirements knock our coffers several times the amount of their typical ¥20 million salary.

Still missing the animal spirit of competition, I am one of many who must grin and bear it. After all, it is a national exam, no matter what this “national” means.

To candidates for other national tests: Be prepared this summer for bummers ready to mug you.

fumio sakuragi

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