The June 2 editorial, “Europe takes a beating,” completely mischaracterizes UKIP (the UK Independence Party) by calling it “far right.” Fascist, neo-fascist and Nazi parties are far right in their disregard of democratic procedures, public opinion and the wishes of electorates. Thus “far right” is far more descriptive of rule by the European Union’s bureaucrats than it is of UKIP and other political parties that oppose them.

It is always easier for the remote, nondemocratic elites of Brussels to start casting slurs of “xenophobia,” “anti-immigrant,” “far right,” etc., than it is to actually deal with the issues that have given rise to such widespread discontent in Europe.

Opposition to continuing uncontrolled immigration in the United Kingdom is based on a desire to call a halt while there is still some grass left — you know, the green stuff that used to be there before they built houses and roads over it.

Opposition to the continuing stream of ukases from EU bureaucrats is based on a quaint desire to return to democracy whereby the British decide and make their own laws (EU Parliament members by the way have no power to initiate legislation, only to tinker with legislative measures fed to them!).

This old-fashioned wish to return to basics and actually listen to electorates is also seen in France. Even some Germans are now getting tired of being the mugs who continually subsidize the lamentably thought-out euro, another brainchild of the geniuses in Brussels. But there is hope; the more the EU takes a beating, the better it will be for ordinary Europeans.

barry andrew ward

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