Regarding the Sept. 30 Kyodo article “Abe appoints more women, brother to senior government posts“: “Inbred nepotistic cronyism” might be the initial reaction of anyone outside Japan upon reading the list of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s appointments.

For those in Japan, “business as usual” might be the only thought anyone could muster, but more likely we will just ignore it completely as part of the endemic apathy caused by generations of family-and-friends-only politics.

The Abe government’s only claim to fame is the economic recovery, but this is lacquer-thin and could wear off in a heartbeat as it was based completely on the unethical, immoral and illegal currency machinations after Abe entered office.

America has turned a blind eye to all this in the hope that stability would be restored to Japan and to avoid anti-U.S. sentiment, but the whole of Abe’s economic house of cards is built on that one cheap maneuver of rescinding any semblance of independence or integrity that the Bank of Japan may have ever had. The Abe administration has neutered the BOJ and put in Liberal Democratic Party yes men to lead it.

david john
chikushino, fukuoka

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