Regarding the Sept. 13 article “Japan to protest Fukushima-Olympics cartoons in French weekly“: One — count it, one! — cartoon in a French satirical periodical makes the Japanese government cry “shame.” This from the same government that denies Japan’s World War II atrocities such as the enslavement of women in military brothels. This in the same week Tokyo Electric Power Co. executives are not charged with crimes for the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. This in the same week when it surfaced that the Yokohama City board of education recalled copies of a supplementary reader dealing with the massacre of Koreans after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.

Japan’s World War II conduct is whitewashed, excused, and dismissed. Even glorified. Those responsible for Fukushima — which is a crime not only against Japan, but also against humanity and the world itself — are charged with nothing.

But one cartoon — that nobody outside of France knew about, and that only for one week — has the government of Japan weeping, crying “shame” and “unfair.”

tim sayeau
winnipeg, manitoba

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