So just since Pope Francis did not vocally speak out against the regime, he is complicit: That’s a non-sequitur! Since speaking out would result in crackdowns and misery all around, the church tended toward discreet and secret acts to try and alleviate suffering.

It also should be noted that many of the Jesuits who were preaching liberation theology (what got them in trouble with the government authority) were previously warned by their superiors (including Bergoglio) that they were risking the government’s ire. When some were actually arrested and tortured, the hierarchy did not simply give up, it attempted to get them released. This is likely why there are actually survivors among the priests kidnapped by the government.

By the way, Horacio Verbitsky is a well-known leftist journalist. He is also a known and confirmed former leftist guerilla. Not exactly a neutrally biased source. Also, due to the legal and cultural structure in Argentina, personal attacks and public accusations are very common, and can enter the court system before the lack of evidence forces their collapse. In other words, smearing is common.

dan li
from the japan times online

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