Abe bears watching after July

I always look forward to Noriko Hama’s columns as she has an adroit way of aiming her own “arrows” at the heart of any subject matter she chooses. She once again excels in her June 24 article, “Abe’s rhetoric reveals a growth strategy aimed at global conquest.” If any headline could cause Japan’s neighbors to strengthen their guard against Japan’s move to the extreme right, it would be this.

Professor Hama is correct in calling Abe’s speech in London “chilly” — not the chill of a lower temperature but of a profound fear. I agree with her. She quotes Abe as referring to Japan’s global dominance, in one form or another, 17 times!

He said Japan “can once more lead the world” (did it ever?) … “find itself once more at the center of the world” (was it ever?) … and even “can win against the world” (did it ever?).

This blatant beating of the drum for Japan should send the clearest of signals to the world that the days of a passive, peace-loving, complacent and compliant Japan will soon be over. If he takes control of the whole Diet after next month’s Upper House election — as looks likely — we will see the true Abe stridently pushing for a Japan of the past, not a Japan of the future.

Watch him closely from July onward. All will be revealed, as extreme politicians such as he cannot hide for long their true thoughts and plans. As professor Hama says, [Abe’s “three arrows”] are “all attuned toward coming first in the race for global conquest.” Is Abe’s Japan aiming to conquer the world — again? If so, that world would be right to guard against this aggression. Be warned Japan — this leader is not the leader you need!

paul gaysford

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  • paul

    Is little worth having a good economy if you have no rights and that is what Mr Abe seems to be driving towards. The gradual, behind the scenes, erosion of fundamental human rights.