Wise decision on cervix vaccine

Regarding the June 15 Kyodo article “Cervix vaccine issues trigger health notice“: I was so relieved to read about the Japanese health ministry’s decision not to recommend the HPV vaccinations to young girls while further research is conducted.

When my own daughter was 15, she suffered a severe, adverse reaction less than 24 hours after receiving the Cervarix vaccination in 2009. She was eventually diagnosed with CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) and is still unable to work or resume her education. We continue to fight for recognition of the dangers for those few unfortunate girls like our daughter.

carol green
worcestershire, united kingdom

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  • Starviking

    With all respect to your daughter’s condition, with over 6 million people immunised with the Cervarix vaccine, some would be expected to suffer from an debilitating disease or condition soon after just by chance. The UK regulators have found no evidence of a link between the vaccine and any disease or condition.

  • Pwoiter

    Given I have a wife who has struggled with ME/CFS for 20 years and a daughter who contracted it last year, I have a view here. I am pro vaccines in healthy people, but people who have a predisposition to CFS are at great risk when there is challenge to the immune system. This challenge could be a vaccine, a virus etc. My wife contracted ME/CFS after flu. My daughter contracted CFS after a virus.

    Saying vaccines are safe is like saying peanuts are safe. It depends on who is receiving them. The question is not whether vaccines are good or bad. It is how do we screen those that are at risk of ME/CFS?

    • Starviking

      The thing is, is there a perdisposition to ME/CFS which is acrivated by vaccination? The UK NHS website has a page on HPV vaccinations and side-effects, with a sub-section on CFS here:


      They state: “There are no more cases of CFS than would be expected in teenage girls and there
      is no evidence to link CFS to the HPV vaccine.”
      Hope your family make a good recovery from CFS!