Mayor’s unconvincing retort

The May 28 front-page article “Hashimoto looks to deflect sex slave blame” seems to suggest in some way that Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto has a valid point, when it should be made clear that he does not.

In addition, it is very damaging for Japan’s international image that this sort of commentary has continued for so long. If a mayor is meant to represent his city, then this indirectly implies that many other Japanese people agree with his indignant ideas.

Hashimoto should be forced to resign as a sign of respect to the Japanese people who disagree with him as strongly as the international community. It is also disrespectful to the women (predominantly Korean) who were repeatedly raped by Japanese soldiers during World War II and only reinforces the general perception that Japan, unlike Germany, refuses to face up to its wartime legacy in order to “save face.”

Of course, it has gone beyond that now. It is an international disgrace that the brothel system associated with the inappropriately named “comfort women” was validated by the Japanese government and its powerless emperor!

The facts are known by the world and can no longer be covered up. Maybe The Japan Times could discuss why it was wrong to repeatedly rape women to please the Japanese military; this might lend some credence to further discussion of the issue.

k. cawley
cork, ireland

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