• Kaneohe, Hawaii


Regarding Ralph Cossa’s Feb. 8 article “Breaking past the tired old plot with Pyongyang“: Cossa rails against North Korea’s attempt, in the face of U.S. threats, to enhance its security by conducting missile and nuclear tests. He then details North Korea’s sins and, in one fell swoop, mocks the efforts to ameliorate the situation by China, the U.N. Security Council and legions of able diplomats — including from the United States.

Yes, we have read this before. As usual, this article is accompanied by arrogant instructions for the UNSC and for another of his favorite targets, China. The difference this time is that some of his advice to China goes way over the top — such as that China should threaten to join the U.S.-led Proliferation Security Initiative and condemn North Korean threats against the South.

He concludes with a thinly veiled threat of his own as if he were making the relevant decisions. Fortunately he is not and hopefully has little influence on those who do make such decisions.

Cossa just doesn’t get it. He is unable or unwilling to view the situation from the perspective of North Korea or China — and that’s why his advice should generally be ignored.

mark j. valencia
kaneohe, hawaii

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