Keep entrance exam system


I disagree with the Feb. 3 editorial “Entrance exam change needed.” Japan’s current entrance exam system is based on memorization and test-taking skills. Although people might criticize students for cramming in shallow knowledge and simply memorizing things to take this test, I think it is important to cover information quantity in junior high and high school.

Japanese students learn crucial information that helps them survive in society. Even though they might forget much of what they have memorized after taking the entrance exams, they will easily remember or understand the ideas when they come up again either in their university lectures or in other meetings.

Learning specific topics in depth and developing a critical thinking ability can be done in the university. This is one reason why students go to universities. Japanese society requires diligence. Students should study hard and show their memorization efforts.

The entrance exams give equal opportunity to every student. If the universities were to choose students by essays, creative projects or recommendations, it would be unfair for those students who were unable to get help from others. Although many people criticize the current entrance exam system in Japan, I find it reasonable. Careful consideration must be given to new ways.

hyunseo cha

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