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Regarding Sadaaki Numata’s Oct. 9 opinion piece, “The evolving dimensions of U.S.-Japan relations,”: Even though Numata’s appeal for equal footing with the United States is amply justified by international standards or under international law, America’s arrogant and hegemonic mind-set will be here to stay.

Remember George W. Bush’s poodle, Tony Blair? But despite being brushed off repeatedly by his American boss, Blair benefited from the U.S. invasion of Iraq by obtaining about half of the oil from Iraqi oil fields. Whereas Japan has been pushed around, forced to donate huge amounts of money on every occasion as dictated by the U.S. government, urged to arm itself heavily to counter China and Russia, and take the unjustifiable risks of being boycotted (such as by millions and millions of Chinese across the world this time over the disputed islands except those on Taiwan).

Japan is in dire need of a great statesman who can skillfully and persistently achieve lasting peace with its neighbors so as to shield itself from political or military disasters. Perhaps a group of pragmatic political leaders in Japan can also reach this goal in joint efforts.

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chao kuo-chang

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