The June 17 Page 2 article "Oi decision draws international outcry" is very interesting with regard to the disparity between the headline and the body of the article.

The headline tells us that the decision to restart two reactors at the Oi nuclear plant has been hit by protests from around the world. In the body of the text, however, there is little solid evidence of such events.

Fifty-three "Green" politicians protest in Germany; a protest letter is sent on behalf of the European Green Party; the Australian Greens, with one member of Parliament out of 150 in the House of Representatives, protest — as do the 3,700 signatories of a protest letter in Italy, a nation of 60 million.

We are also informed of protest rallies, but are given no figures to gauge their size. A quick search of the Internet has pictures of a few Japanese citizens protesting in front of the Japanese Embassy in Thailand, and found nothing on the reported protest in Seoul.

Given the disparity between the headline and the meat of the article, I suggest a headline change in the interests of accuracy, such as "Oi reactor to restart: a few protests around the world."

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e. watters