• Taragi, Kumamoto


Philip Brasor’s June 3 Media Mix column, “Homophobic joke goes awry for ‘Beat,” shows just how far prejudice has permeated the media. But not the way most readers think.

It is widely recognized that human sexuality is the product of nature and that any true believer in liberty and the dignity of the individual must accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle.

However, there are still people who, because of religious or other beliefs, think homosexuality is evil or morally wrong. Even though we may not agree with these people, let’s not stoop to their level by using the pejorative term “homophobic” as was done in the article.

People who are morally opposed to homosexuality are not “afraid” of it; they disagree with it. In the same way, pacifists are not “war-phobic,” vegetarians are not “meat-phobic,” and the Japanese public is not “nuclear power-phobic.”

By using a pejorative term, the enemies of the so-called homophobic are engaging in the same demagoguery that they so vocally decry.

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joseph jaworski

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